Uncover Your Parenting Brilliance Program

Uncover Your Parenting Brilliance: Gain respect, increase cooperation and build self esteem

 In this parenting program, you will discover:

  • Ways to improve your child’s behavior.
  • Positive Discipline tools that will support the development of essential life skills.
  • How to discipline and set limits with kindness and firmness.
  • Why children misbehave.
  • Consequences that work.
  • Ways to reduce power struggles.
  • The benefits of making mistakes.
  • How to experience more joy in parenting.
  • And much more!

Many parents don’t realize that the discipline methods that they are currently using do not help them achieve what they REALLY want for their children.  

Becoming a perfect parent or raising a perfect child is NOT possible, however, what ever your current circumstances are, things CAN get better and it is possible to Uncover Your Parenting Brilliance. The time to learn effective methods to gain respect, increase cooperation, build self esteem and experience more joy as a parent is now!

This program includes:

  • 6 pre-recorded lessons that you can view from the comfort of your own home and at a time that works for you. You will have instant access to all 6 lessons.
  • A private FB group for program participants to ask questions, get support and share celebrations. I will be active in this group and available to support you as you work through the material.

 Becoming a perfect parent or raising a perfect child is NOT possible. However, I want you to know that whatever your current circumstances are things CAN get better and I can help you Uncover Your Parenting Brilliance.


Looking forward to supporting you along your parenting journey!!




127.00 USD