I believe the greatest thing I got out of taking your class is a connecting with my children on an emotional level. I was raised to try and control everything including emotions. With your help, I've been made aware that it's not always possible for children. They need to feel the emotions and work through them. I believe you even referred to them as big emotions. I believe it has helped me deal with my children when we are in a challenging situation. Your class has also helped me see that I need to really understand that the children are learning through me how to handle difficult situations. If I yell and get frustrated, that's how they will handle things as they get older. I am far from perfect, but being aware of these things helps me put it into play. I think your class and interaction has helped me to not contribute to a problem with my children or make things worse. Thank you for everything. 

-Mom of 2 

I have known Jessica Silverman for almost 25 years and in that time I have had the honor and privilege of benefitting from her natural ability as a coach. She is one of the most patient, open-minded, non-judgmental, diplomatic and loving human beings I have ever met. I have also attended several sessions of her parenting program and I can say that in working with Jess I have learned new and effective methods of handling some of the more complicated issues that I have had with my children. As parents we often feel stuck in a world where raising our voices and punishment are the only methods of motivating our children to change negative behaviors. Jessica teaches an alternative method that can turn negative to positive without all the anger and punishment. She is truly wonderful! 
-Carrie, mom of 2